Between 2007- 2012, many people have participated at Crafts for a Cause. In no particular order:

Organizations include:

  • Purple Thistle youth centre
  • Prison Justice Day Committee
  • No One is Illegal
  • Redwire magazine
  • Rising Tide
  • JustPotters
  • Compassion Club Wellness Centre
  • Downtown Eastside Writing Studio
  • Cafe Justicia
  • Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice
  • Environmental Youth Alliance
  • YouthCo AIDS society
  • Leave Out Violence
  • Indigenous Action Movement
  • Filipino Youth Alliance
  • Kalyaan Centre
  • Wishing Well Organic Farm

Artists include:

  • Favianna Rodriguez
  • Tania Willard
  • Louis Cruz
  • Marika Swan
  • Cease Wyss
  • La Mano – ethical textiles
  • fierce green creations
  • Just Jingo botanicals
  • coinspire collective
  • Caitlin Ffrench
  • Claudia Segovia
  • Sam Bradd
  • Afuwa
  • Jada Gabrielle-Pape
  • Café Ramona (made by Zapatista Mayan Women)
  • Open to Chance designs

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